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Food and Beverage Industry

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Plastic Injection Moulding for Food Industry

Food and Beverage
Plastic Injection Moulding

Manufacturing food-grade plastic materials with Injection Moulding

Food grade plastic injection moulding is a manufacturing process in which plastic parts are created for the food industry. A popular plastic that is utilised in the food industry is High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) – a very versatile petroleum thermoplastic. It is a common packaging choice for water bottles, among its vast range of applications.

For food production companies, plastic is a popular packaging option as it is versatile and inexpensive. The materials chosen must hold up against certain external conditions and adhere to strict laws to be considered food-grade. The team at Adreco works hard to bring you top-quality plastic products in line with FDA standards and market trends.

Food and Beverage plastic injection moulding is a crucial process for the food industry due to –

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High levels of accuracy and safety


Low production costs


High-volume production and rapid turnaround time



Why choose Adreco Plastics?

Adreco is a trusted precision injection moulding company with over 40 years of experience in the industry. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality tooling and moulding services to a range of industries. We work with both local and multifaceted businesses. As an award-winning company, our team can guarantee exemplary service and excellent value for money for our clients.

Adreco Plastics works with major retailers on bulk-buy products and independent small businesses needing precise plastic injection moulded products in single figures, or even one-off unique solutions.

Food and Beverage Industry
Food and Beverage Industry

Importance of Plastic Injection Moulding in
food Industry

The growing importance of plastic injection moulding comes down to better design potential and the speedy production process. This makes it an invaluable option for the food industry.

The fast production cycles and the low cost per part are great for high-volume products like water bottles. Not only that, but plastic injection molding has also replaced metal in many cases to make parts for the machinery in the production process. This allows for safer and faster production runs and the lighter weight reduces fuel consumption during transportation.

Custom food and beverage injection moulding design

Standing out from the crowd has never been more important in the food industry. As competition roars louder each year, the more innovative food companies have to become. We provide top-quality, bespoke food packaging to help your business thrive in the current market.

Our facilities are top-tier and the plastic polymers used are customisable to suit your preference. Whether you want to use recycled plastic or reduce the amount of plastic used, we can ensure your objectives are met.

Food and Beverage Industry
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To be considered safe, plastic manufacturers must make sure that food and beverage packaging abides by UK FDA specifications.

Non-reactive materials must be used, as they come in contact with food and people. Certain conditions can affect the materials and cause an adverse reaction – eventually causing potential harm to the consumer. The plastics used must also be durable throughout their lifetime, not just in processing. The materials we use are:

  • Protected from UV radiation – both indoor and outdoor exposure
  • Resistant to degradation by food additives or cleaning chemicals
  • Durable in all temperatures – including climate and cooking heat


The plastic chosen will depend on the project’s application, but here are some common options:

HDPE is rigid and extremely chemical resistant. It is known as a common household plastic.
LDPE is the most flexible plastic polymer. It is known for shrink wraps and tubing like condiment bottles.
Polypropylene (PP) is tough and chemical resistant. It is commonly used for takeaway containers and packaging for foods like butter or yoghurt.
Polystyrene (PS) is highly durable in low temperatures. A popular use is for snack boxes and processed food cartons.
Polycarbonate (PC). This polymer is very strong and durable and is known for making water bottles and other liquid containers.
Polyethylene terephthalate (PET). PET is semi-rigid and highly stable as it can retain its shape under pressure. Its common uses include oven-safe film and microwavable food trays.


The options for plastic injection moulding are plentiful, even when limited to the food-safe kind. The most popular of the bunch is HDPE, which has a variety of uses due to its durability.

Some other options for food-grade plastics include:


We are ISO certified and a member of SEDEX (the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange). Adreco Plastics is committed to employing food-safe plastics and resins to guarantee safety, durability and longevity for your products. These standards ensure food toxins or environmental factors, such as temperature or pollutants, will not adversely affect the packaging material. As a result, this minimises the risk to consumer health.


The use of plastic products is growing as it is the most preferred material used in food and beverage products. As the population keeps expanding, the demand for food will continue to rise. In turn, food producers will choose plastic for their packaging as it’s a cheap, high-volume option.

Thermoplastics have numerous uses, which include:

  • Making parts for food processing machinery
  • Food/beverage filling conveyor equipment
  • Food storage containers
  • Food serving products, e.g. utensils and food trays


Our food and beverage customers have come to rely on our ability to deliver high-quality, low-cost plastic injection moulded parts, tools and components for food industries across the UK and beyond. However, we don’t just work in this single sector. We are also a leading supplier to the medical sector, as well as defence and security, agriculture, construction, retail, packaging and lighting.
Our quality standards are exacting and everything that we produce is subjected to rigorous safety testing and quality control.

Food and Beverage Industry

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